If you often go off on a solo adventure, want Lone Worker safety support, or are part of an event that wants live tracking, TrackMe has the answer to your tracking and message delivery needs. Select from a range of satellite devices and services, on the Globalstar or Iridium networks, and hire or buy to suit your needs. Developed with the user in mind, TrackMe delivers dependable, simple tracking and message delivery from remote or dangerous locations. Lone Worker solutions can be customised to the requirements of your company, allowing realtime active Health and Safety systems along with our Passive Alert Service ensuring the safety of all your staff and support for the Health and Safety management plans. Select from the options below to see more info.

Solutions available

Bring your own device, buy a new one or hire from us. We have the solution for you. For adventures from 2 hours to 2 years, we keep you connected with our global Satellite coverage. Personal safety, tracking, emergency beacons, or 2 way satellite communications,

Customise your business by transferring existing connections or create your new Lone Worker program. Asset tracking, personal satellite messaging, and realtime 2 way satellite communications for remote staff. These can all form part of your Remote Worker policy.

Managing the biggest hire fleet of Satellite GPS trackers in Australasia, TrackMe can cover your event and deliver it to the world. Dedicated servers and pages for fans to follow online with mobile optimised displays, tracking periods from as low as 30 seconds, administration access to allow for accurate race management are just some of the features

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