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Managing the biggest hire fleet of Satellite GPS trackers in Australasia, TrackMe can cover your event and deliver it to the world. Dedicated servers and pages for fans to follow online with mobile optimised displays, tracking periods from as low as 30 seconds, administration access to allow for accurate race management are just some of the features.

Events are what we do! For the best experience you can give your athletes and their followers, choose TrackMe to deliver your satellite tracking. TrackMe have the biggest hire fleet of satellite tracking devices in Australasia. Remote challenging locations are our specialty, from 5 teams to 500 we cover them all. Simply fill out the attached form and return to our staff for a quote on your next event.

Our Dashboard gives race management fully configured tracking pages and message notification both to Race HQ and field safety experts. See what our customers say about us

" We organise the New Zealand Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Championships and in 2015 we started using Spot Trackers. The Spot units are incredibly important to our events safety and this was quickly demonstrated when a team got ‘Lost’ in the last section of our event just before dark. If we had not had the trackers we may not have found the team until morning, but with the trackers we found them quickly. What was also great, was that the girls felt safe too as they pushed the ‘Help’ button and sat down, listened to some music and ate lollies and sung silly songs knowing that someone would come and rescue them. This technology is a game changer as it allows us to allow our youth to take on these challenges without a parent or helper holding their hand and this has a huge value to our participants. " David Tait – NZSSARC Race Director | Kiwi Adventure Trust | Go-4-12 2015 and 2016

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Devices available

Spot G3 Messengers

Configurable for tracking intervals from 2.5 to 60 minutes as required, message delivery for Check-in, withdrawal, HELP and SOS all able to be fully configured including delivery to Rescue Coordination Centres as backup for your onsite Safety staff. Battery life for the entire event controlled by use of rechargeable units and onsite staff dedicated to making your event the best and safest it can be. Units come in customised pouches, preconnected, personalised for each entrant, including all instructions. Personal delivery to events for all hires over 100 units.

Spot Trace

Ideal for athlete only tracking, where safety is not as much of a concern as getting the signal to the watching hordes of fans watching on their phones so they can see when their favourite athlete will come by. Tracking 2.5 or 5 mins gives the best detail for tracking running or biking events. Also useful in kayak, Jetski, motorcycle, and sailing events were a secondary method of safety communication is available.

inReach SE

Ultra Track, for the ultimate delivery of satellite data including speed, altitude, and direction. These units are capable of tracking in near realtime, down to 30 seconds, you can experience tracking that is feature and data rich. Limited number of units are available, these are best for extreme sports tracking on motorsports or aviation, or adventure endurance events. 2-way satellite messaging available to all units managed by race administration includes realtime delivery of changes in status.

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